We create programs aimed at team formation

Our program supports unification of a team, harmonious cooperation among the members, increase in productivity, establishment of common values and ethics principles!


Teambuilding in a modern company is an integral part of the organizational culture. Every team needs support to become effective. Any team needs periodic strengthening of motivation and energy as well.

Teambuilding helps the members reach common goals in an organised and coherent way. Teambuilding consists of various activities that aim for effective communication, problem solving, conflict mitigation and strengthening trust among the team members.


Team Retreats

Team retreats are held outside the capital, that include fun team activities, as well as working activities for organisational development †presentations, reports, workshops, seminars and masterclasses. 


Team retreats help employees to get to know each other in a pleasant and non-working environment, remove work-related stresses and better understand potential for the company or self development.


Meetings start with pre-defined theme discussions or motivational speech and continues with interesting discussion by sharing ideas and mindsets in an open environment.

Seminars, workshops, discussions, masterclasses or reviews of different interesting material (movies, books, performances or songs) allow the participants to enhance their perspectives, reflect on important values and again touch upon the human ideals.


Thematic Tours

Participants of the thematic groups become the “heroes” of an interesting and unique experience. The Tour author, based on the interest of the participants selects a theme, environment and activities, that create prerequisites for an exceptional experience.


The tour participants not only learn new information about places and historic sites, but engage in a process that requires critical and creative thinking. An important part of the tour is the reflection on reaching personal development, wellbeing and harmony.

Our ideas for teambuilding activities: 

- Team games
- Relay games/races
- Rafting
- Scavenger Hunts
- Thematic excursions
- Photo-tours
- Quizes
- Creative master classes
- Salon meetings
- Book club / movie club
- Combined activities
 ... and many others.

Contact us!

Inquire about our approaches. Share your organizational goals and objectives and we will create a unique program tailored to your needs.


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